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I didn't even think about the Radio Shack stuff. Now I feel the AC should be cheaper than it is being shown. Anyway, I live in Roswell, GA. There are lots of trees in the area, but I "believe" it is fairly clear to the south (we are about 15 minutes away from GA-400 which gives a pretty clear lane).

My old setup had me taking the Sky directly into an older HDHomeRun to get the channels over our network (our old house was built in 1942 and wasn't really "cable jack friendly"). From what I can tell with my new house I could hook the antenna directly into a wall box that feeds all the coax outlets throughout the house (not sure if that is the way I should go or not). We currently own 3 TV's, and I was thinking of still hooking up my HDHomeRun and feeding at least one of the tv's with it (based on the outlet location in room and where my wife wants the furniture). So I think MAX there will be 3 feeds.

I also own a Mohu Leaf and like 4 older model Jolt Amplifiers. The Leaf was the first antenna I bought at my old house but I NEVER got any good reception. I have the 4 different amps as Mohu customer service kept sending them to me when I was trying to get the antenna to work (and I ended up with the Sky as they gave me a 50% discount on it after I couldn't get the leaf to work and time had "conveniently" passed for me to return it). So I also thought of using it for the one tv that will not be near a coax outlet, but am skeptical based on how bad it was at my old house (if you guys are curious, here is the report for my old house).
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