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2 antennas back to back. Downside?

Getting ready to put up a new but older (assembled and sitting the barn for 2 years) DB8. I am smack dab in the middle (but slightly closer to rochester) between Buffalo and Rochester. I have an old rotor up the roof now with the really old RS antenna and plan to keep the rotor. I am on a hill and get decent reception from both cities when aimed mostly for buffalo(along with a couple Canadian stations). I got to thinking that i could get another DB8 or maybe a DB4 and mount them back to back, would be less "rotoring". I would still keep the rotor to get a little fine tuning on the occasions i need it. Another consideration was deconstructing the second antenna to a degree and remounting the bowties so they were all on the one frame.
Can someone chime in on the downsides of this choice.
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