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Originally Posted by blackstone View Post

I have lost stations recently, both UHF and VHF.
Actually, I can't get any VHF stations at all.

The signal reports at TV Fool are very much out of date. It would be very helpful if you could post a link to your RabbitEars report. You can generate one at this link:

Tell us a bit more about your antenna system.
Are you combining the two antennas with a UVSJ combiner before the preamp?
Which Antennas Direct preamp? The Juice or the PA18?
Are you using a rotator?
If fixed, which way is each antenna pointing?
What stations are you receiving with good results?
How are your connections waterproofed at the antenna and preamp?
Antennacraft Y10-7-13 VHF, Antennas Direct 91XG UHF
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