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Focus on bonding your mast and coax to the existing electrical service grounding system and sleep well.
Thanks for your patience in answering my questions, GroundUrMast.

I think it's much overlooked and not understood by the majority of DIY'ers and the general public at large. Most of us just put up an antenna with no thought that now it's in the electrical circuit of our homes. And no doubt, most have had no issues, fortunately, but still there are fatalities or injuries each year I'm sure from ignorance of grounding and safety issues.

I think if we OTA people will follow the NEC and our State Electrical Codes, along with our local head electricians' advice (if consulted) who is the final authority as I understand, we should be able to sleep well at nights.

This has all become fascinating stuff for me and I'm all ears with whatever you continue to post in this thread. One of the reasons I joined TV Fool was to learn. When I was in school many, many years ago now, my teachers always said there are never any foolish questions, only ones that are not asked which prolong ignorance. I think they were referring to, Dr. Charles Steinmetz, the engineering genius, who said, "there are no foolish questions, and no man becomes a fool until he has stopped asking questions."

Thanks a million, GroundUrMast!

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