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Thank you for all the feedback.

I will try to address each message.

Message #2, Message #3 & Message #4
There are numerous large, tall pine trees north of the camper (within 10 ft). There is already a trimmed area to allow mounting, (with what I think is plenty of clearance). I will only mount as high as my extension ladder will reach (I completely agree falling out of a tree doesn't sound like my idea of fun ).

Thank you for suggesting the tree mount. I've never seen those before.

As far as the two different NBC stations, I was going to focus on WGBA. I was just hoping on some off chance I could maybe get WJFW - but I wasn't going to go out of the way to get it (I just thought if some type of unplanned scenario would occur allowing me to get it).

Thank you for the antenna suggestions and also the A-B switch suggestions.

Message #5
As far as the CC-7870, I was afraid (but not completely surprised) that would be the response.

I haven't contacted tinlee yet; however, I have been looking around their website. I have seen there name on numerous other threads and they seem to be highly recommended.

Thank you for the antenna suggestion.

Message #6
Thank you for the antenna suggestion. I looked at the website; however, I haven't been able to find any reviews online. It is an interesting concept (multi-band incorporated as well as being very durable).

Final Thoughts
Thank you for all the suggestions, you definitely have given me much to research.
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