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Tv antennas and Tv reception

The best tree to use for a antenna tower is a tall straight pine tree. The tree can be toped off or the antenna mounted down lower on the pine tree. The trees branches will need to be removed in a manner that the branches can not whip around and destroy the antenna. Pine trees that are thicker diamature / circumference do not sway as much in the wind. The more of the other trees that are blocking the reception of the antenna the more the signal will be reduced. Try to find a tree that stands by it's self up higher and the other trees are further away. Falling out of a tree is real close to zero fun , so don't do it. Here is a tree mount , Of the two groups of tv stations , I recommend going for the south east group first. The south east group has WGBA NBC that is much easier to receive then WJFW NBC to the west. And the south east group has all major networks and other channels to receive. The tree situations might dictate the group of stations that are received. The signals at your location are weak signal strength. However don't want a big antenna swaying and whipping in the wind , yet don't want the antenna to small either.

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