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Greetings HGR,

Your family member's requirements helps greatly whittle down what antenna would yield the desired reception. There are a couple low-VHF signals in DFW (real channels 2-6) which if desired would require a different antenna. Luckily, they are a non-issue.

That said, you've chosen reasonably well. For your family member's requirement, you will need a high VHF and UHF combo antenna. If I were installing off this provided map, I might choose a Antenna's Direct Clearstream 2V-J3. This antenna supports high-VHF and UHF signals.

The reasons for this are:
1. There are 1 edge or 2 edge conditions present with good to moderate signal strengths. The 2V-J3 would allow for greater signal gathering ability. In 1 and 2 edge conditions signals can shift and bend slightly. A "panel" UHF antenna can tolerate slight shifting signals better than a yagi.

2. The greater signal gathering ability will provide better signal into your coax, thus with this antenna you ought to be be able to split your coax without the aid of any sort of amplification.

3. The 2V-J3 ought to provide signals well down into the pink shaded part of your map. Thus, even though your family member is specific in their wants, the 2V-J3 ought to give them the vast majority of the DFW market if they should find something else they like.

Your proposed set up sounds good. Are there trees or other obstructions present? Do they have a fairly open view to the E/SE? Yes, pointing towards magnetic 100 in a non-obstructed environment ought to yield pretty good results.

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