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Move to roof mount or forget about it?

I asked in the installer thread for a recommendation on an installer already to help out as an FYI...

Currently using a Denny's Stacker antenna in my attic:

UHF stations are just fine, but have 2 stations (FOX and CBS) that are VHF-Hi band that come in most of the time, but break up a lot. Mostly seems weather related, around sunset, and sometimes randomly...

House is a 2 story colonial, so the antenna in the attic is probably 20+ feet above ground. It is mounted in the attic with a single run about 35' to my Tivo Roamio OTA. Currently using a Channel Master amp, the replacement for the MODEL 7777... Can't remember the model as it's in the attic..

Looking at my report (that i'll post next separately), it seems I may be getting a lot of my signal direct, and some reflected as I'm between the 1 Edge, 2 Edge, and LOS based on mount height

My question is: if I hire someone to move the antenna to the roof, what is the likelyhood I'll resolve my issues? (asphalt shingle roof), new construction circa 2009 for the whole development.

Other options? different antenna? Ganging a second antenna? others? I do have enough room to put another VHF antenna in the attic... Just not sure it would help since I'm not getting LOS signal from the problem transmitters (WOIO, WJW). And not looking to mount outside if I can't avoid it cause I'd rather not educate my HOA on the OTARD regulations if I don't have to...

Thanks for any help!

20' AGL:

25' AGL: (probably closest to my mounting height)

35' AGL: (likely height if moved outside)
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