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How is the tower supported? Is there a gable bracket? Does it have a tilt down base.

Does the tower appear to be in good physical shape? Is there rust? Are any sections bent/bowed/compromised?

Working on towers can be dangerous. Climb it at your own risk. When in doubt, contact a professional.

Is the tower grounded? The top of the tower/antenna(s)/mast could be an attractive target for lightening. Measures should be taken to provide a low resistance/low impedance path to ground. Amateur radio books are a good source for grounding guidance. As a start, an 8’ ground rod should be at the base of the tower connected with as short and straight of a run of heavy copper as possible. Beyond that several ground rods should be spaced radially from the tower 16’ away from the base rod and each other and it all tied together with heavy copper wire or strap.

The antenna in the attached picture looks like it is in good shape. The coax may be the weak link. It looks bent/kinked. It looks like it has whipped around in the wind by not being well secured to the tower.

What type of antenna is on the mast above the UHF yagi at the top of the tower. Could you post a picture of it?
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