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I need an installer

I have an antenna on the roof of my house that gets decent reception for all but the one channel I like to watch, which apparently has the weakest signal. I am in Atlantic Highlands, NJ. I ordered the Channel Master 4228HD antenna from Crutchfield and it should arrive on Monday, 11/12/12. The antenna that I currently have is probably sufficient, but I thought that maybe with a bigger antenna I'd get rid of the artifacts and complete cut-out that I get with PBS too frequently, but then again, I don't know much about gain and signal strength and all of that. The antenna that I have comes in to my house to an amplifier, then is split to 3 different receivers (TVs), some of which are quite long runs. I'm pretty sure I use RG6. I had a professional install the amplifier and do some of the runs a year ago, but since then the PBS reception has been pretty bad pretty frequently.

Here's my signal info:

I'm looking for someone to come to my home and swap out the antenna (or tell me that I don't need to bother, but should do something else instead, like maybe a preamp). Is there anyone somewhere near me reading this that would be interested in taking on this job? I can't find any pro shops that are willing to get on my roof any more, so I need an individual who would do it as a side-job.

Please respond if you'd be willing to help.

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