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Originally Posted by timgr View Post
Your link does not work.
Does for me. Must be a geographical thing (I hate that)

For $18 you could buy one, test it and report back. Probably works fine. It's an import copy of some existing design, I would guess. The two-bay Eagle Aspen is similar, but fewer elements, and is said to work well. Supposedly the E-A is a copy of the Antennas Direct DB2.
That might not be a bad idea. Right now I'm on a reduced income, so buying something low-cost to get me to the point where my income is up to speed might make sense.

Realize that digital TV does not give you much feedback about recieved signals. Either the channel is received perfectly, or it's simply missing ... typically. Do you have a way to measure received signal strength and quality?
I don't, but since I'm sizing up OTA for my home, I could do a comparison against other antennas. I haven't received such a signal in 15 years, and the last time I had an outdoor antenna was 25 years ago and in a difference city. So I'm trying to understand how to do this right.
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