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Canadian and American TV

I don't want to change the subject and get off topic yes, but I read the comment about how Canadian TV doesn't like to make use of the sub channels.

I'm here in the Chicago area. some of the big players only have one or two sub channels and some of them have up to eight I believe. Some stations share a real channel with another station and their two or three different sub channels.

I think OTA TV has doomed itself in a way by not having more interesting programming. I still don't see why you can't get some of the stuff that's only available on cable on the OTA side. Wouldn't it be nice to get the Science Channel or ESPN or Fox News, etc... over your antenna? It seems cable TV has more power than OTA as far as variety programming.

This summer I will finally cut the cable and with great happiness. When cable TV first came in my area around 1980, there were no commercials and it was cheap. Then after a year or two, the commercials started and the price started spiraling upwards, they suckered us in. By that time, people had forgotten about their antennas.

Unfortunately, there is a whole generation that has no idea you can get free TV and that's the way they want it. Now, those of us who've taken down their gigantic VHF Low antennas, may have to put one up again. I talked to at least one antenna company who says there will be no redesigns on their antennas. Okay sorry about that, I'll get off my soapbox.

I should have posted this elsewhere!

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