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This shows the changes by Phase number:

This gives the dates for the Phase number:

WNYB moving from 26 to 5. I enjoy watching some of the shows on sub channel "light tv" and the signal comes in strong on 26 but it probably won't come in at all on 5
You would need an antenna for VHF-Low channel 5. You might be able to use a preamp for it if you use a low pass filter in front of the amp like the low section of a HLSJ to protect it from overload by your very strong local signals.

WNYO moving from 49 to 16. I really enjoy the cheesy sci fi movies on this channel but right now it's a struggle to get a good signal and it's basically a " summer only" station for me. On 16 I'll most likely not be able to get it at all.
That will be very difficult; it will have adjacent channel interference from CHCH on 15, and to a lesser extent from CIII-41 on 17.
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