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If it were me, I'd put an HBU11 or HBU22 (Radio Shack carries them) or ANT751r on that satellite mast and see what I can get to the south. They're all high-VHF/UHF, so they're pretty small. Assuming it's not looking right into another building or trees.

But the bulk of your stations are to the south, with all the majors, so unless there's something in particular you want from the north, I wouldn't even bother. With a low gain antenna, you'll get some of that off the back anyway, depending on the antenna and the view to the north.

You might want to also consider the Winegard Freevision, sold at Home Depot and other places. No real specs on it, but you have strong signals and flat terrain, so I would think even a cheap indoor antenna would work, especially outdoors.
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