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If you will like to also receive , RTV Retro Tv Network , then I recommend install the HBU33 antenna above the Peak of the Roof in such a manner that the roof and building are not , obstructing , impeding , blocking , reception in the directions of , North North East , South , South West , North West.

Aim the HBU33 antenna at about , 231 degree magnetic compass direction.

For the reception of ,

The HBU33 antenna above the roof and aimed at WWAY , will also receive the groups of Tv stations to the , North North East and WPXU to the South.


Directional antennas such as and not limited to HBU33 , receive the best at the front of the antenna , a little less at front angles to the antenna , less at back angles to the antenna and less at the back of the antenna.

The Tv stations to the , North North East and WPXU to the South are Strong to Moderate Signal Strength and will be receive even though the antenna is not aimed directly at them if the antenna is above the roof.

WWAY is Weak signal strength , has 2 edge obstructions , and is 62.3 miles away , so the antenna will be required to aim at WWAY.


If you will like to discover what Networks and more Practical and Useful and Interesting Information , the Digital Broadcast Tv stations are transmitting , here is the way I do it.

In the , google , or , yahoo , search box , type in , variations of the tv station call sign. wway , wway tv , wway-tv , wway dt , wway-dt and etc. .

The 2 web sites that will be found that have a lot of Practical and Useful Information are , wikipedia and


Here are some above the roof antenna mounts.
Use the , ronard (911) , 5 foot tripod antenna mount.
Use the , ronard (4560) , eave antenna mount.
Measure around the chimney and use a , ronard (2212) , ronard (2218) , ronard (2224) .

Buy the ronard antenna mounts at , , or , buy from ,

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