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ALL questions and answers about broadcast tv reception.

If the cordinates are correct , 43.6440183 -79.5298388 , and your building is the tall building to the east of the end of Michael Power Place of the road circle, and there are more high rises to the , west , north/west.

I ask but you did not say if there is a balcony.

If there is a balcony , put a Winegard HD1080 out on the balcony out as far as you can get it , do not hug the antenna aginst the building.

Aim the HD1080 at the buildings to the , west , north/west to get reflected signals from the the , east , south/east , south.

The buildings to the , west , north/west do not look as tall as your building and you say that your are up high so you will point the antenna down at the buildings to get the reflected reception.

This is a cut and try reception situation. And most likely will require repeated aiming directions to find the best reception.

And Yes you can also aim the antenna in other directions and elavations to find the best reception.

The best way to get the coax cable from the outside to the inside is through a hole through the wall.

Here is an other way , at , , type in , holland 144823 .

Here are some places to buy antennas and ect. , , , , , , ,

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