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WINK - Ft Myers and UHF 50

I posted this over at AVS, thought it would be relevant since a Ft Myers plot erroneously shows WINK on UHF 50.

Originally Posted by zoreo View Post
Has anyone heard when WINK will be switching their DTV channel from 9 to 50?
They got their construction permit quite some time ago but I haven't heard any more about it. End original quote.

I had the opportunity to talk to WINK engineering this morning.

The CP was granted in May by the FCC. They have three years to build it if they decide to actually build it.

Reading between the lines, I interpret this to mean they are in "wait and see" mode to decide if they will, in fact, build the UHF facility.

Bottom line: Don't hold your breath and don't plan on this one happening...
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