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Hey GroundUrMast,

I am planning on hooking up to just one receiver using 70ft. of rg-6 since the receiver calls out for 75 ohms. My report should be attached, KMOD_FM is what im shooting for. I made the antenna from an old tv antenna using the two elements that were closest to the middle of the FM radio band. Not sure if I will need some matching between the coax and the antenna. I have yet to solder the rg-6 to the antenna. Looks like the report shows it should be hitting the elements at around -72.4dbm. I looked up the loss on the rg-6 for 97Mhz and looks like it will be a little less than 2 db for 70ft.

Im planning on using a SVI amp. If im on the right track, Im thinking the 15db should raise the -72.4dbm to 14.928db, subtracting the 2db for the rg-6, should leave me with approx 12.928 db to the receiver as long as there are no matching problems or unforseen losses elsewhere.

Am I tracking this or am I missing something?

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