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Build Buy? How much money to spend? Is it possible? Rockford getting Chicago TV

Like the title states I live in rockford, and did a TV Fool Already,
(15 foot height, (pole on the back deck))
(35 foot height, (somehow getting my land lord to allow me to slap an antenna 10 feet high on the roof))

My current setup is comcast and an AMD All in wonder Cablecard tuner in my computer. I'm paying 70 bucks a month for internet and local tv. Local TV doesn't include chicago WGN which has black hawks games and the sports package is another 10 bucks a month. With that my idea is to ditch comcast and find other alternatives for internet.

I've been poking around the site for a few days but haven't had enough time to thoroughly research everything. How much money am I looking at spending and is it even possible to do what i'm trying to do RELIABLY. I'm gathering I'll need to get a preamp nomatter what

The channels I care about the most would probably be WFLD and WGN (all 111* and the other chicago channels though 2 is meh) this is a view from my back deck (hoping I could just put an antenna there) facing ~111*

Do I just wing it and buy an antenna and see? Is there a specific setup that would work best? Can I build an antenna? Any advice or pointing in the right direction would be fantastic


Reliability is probably the most key thing to me, with price obviously being a close second, I'd like to know what i'm up against here.
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