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Here's what I've got setup at this time (today, after making a few changes):
  1. I've got an OTA antenna with an inline surge protector mounted to the antenna output.
  2. RG6 exits the inline surge protector, goes about 3-feet, and plugs into a Channel Master Titan 2 pre-amp mounted to the antenna mast.
  3. I've got a ground wire twisted around my antenna mast and following the eaves of the house for about 150 feet before it grounds to the local power company's service.
  4. RG6 comes out of the Channel Master pre-amp, down the antenna mast, into the house, down the opening our HVAC ducts also share, and into the Channel Master power supply (than 30 feet of RG6 from antenna to pre-amp).
  5. A 1-foot length of RG6 comes out of the Channel Master power supply and into a power strip/surge protector that includes coax protection.
  6. Another 1-foot length of RG6 comes out of the power strip/surge protector and goes into a 4-way splitter that includes a grounding block.
  7. The grounding block has a 3-foot length of 12 gauge copper wire that mounts it to our furnace (one of the few things in our home that had to be grounded).
  8. On the 4-way splitter:
    • one output is terminate (at this time)
    • one goes to the living room
    • and two go up to the bedrooms
I really wished I had a picture to describe it to everyone, but I've made numerous sketches and they all look like garbage to me and I can't even follow them.

So, was anyone able to follow all of that? If so, is there anything glaringly wrong that I've done with this setup? If so, kindly tell me what number from the list is out of order.
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