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Originally Posted by westom View Post
That connection is required by the National Electrical code. It must exist.

Now, if there is no physical way, then what are the numbers and obstructions? Useless is a claim without the 'always required' reasons why. It is personally insulting to state something without the always requuired 'why'. Why is that physically impossible especially when it must exist according to code (and your insurance company).

For surge protection, that required connection must be electrically better.

Why is the second paragraph confusing? Again, due to missing reasons 'why', unnecessary posts now exist. What in this simple utility picture is so confusing?
That connection may very well be required by the National Electrical code, but whenever they made that new code into law, no one thought to walk out to my old house to update it. The more correct statement is likely, "That connection must exist in today's homes."

The grounding discussion above (not in your quoted message above) stated that a ground wire must be connected within single digit feet. That tells me withing 9.99 feet. I am saying, up on the roof of my 2-story house, there is nothing to physically connect to within 20 feet. Therefore, making a connection within single digit feet is not possible.

Also, in your Duke Energy pictures you keep linking, I must state again that my home was built in 1955 and therefore was built with the older code 2-wire conductor.

Looking at Figure 2: House Grounding Configurations,

Figure 2: House Grounding Configurations

My house is wired mostly like the Wrong image on the left. Power comes in on the East, Phone comes in on the West, CATV is on top of the house connected to OTA NTSA Broadcast Gods. It is possible that inside the house the Phone wires tie into the Power's ground, but there is NO EXTERNAL WIRE that connects the two systems like shown in the Right (i.e. Center) image.

I hope I'm not offending or answering your questions incorrectly. I'm doing the best I can with the background that I have and the terms and phrases you are using.
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