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Antenna confusion

Thank you for the helpful replies.
Now re-reading my post I just realized that it was unclear. Let me clarify.

Coby |
annalogTV ---- Splitter ---- Splitter ----- Splitter --- Converter ---- Antenna
#2 | 15' | 40' | 30'
| | |
HDTV HDTV annalog TV
#1 #2 #1
Right now there are only antenna + converter + 2 annalog TVs. All HDTVs are in planning stage. It is embarrassing to say that I am still in the caveman era for not owning any hdtv yet.

I realize having multiple serial splitters is not good but having multiple parallel coaxes in the living room is not aesthetic either. Is there a solution?

Do I have to bypass the converter box for the HDTVs? If that is the case, I have to run 1 line thru the converter for annalog #2 and the other line bypassing converter for HDTV #1 and #2. Or I just have to forgo annalog #2 when installing the HDTVs.

My goal is to get good quality Austin channels. Secondly, as many closeby channels as I can get (just in case on Sunday all of them decide to air sports or other unappealing programs). I don't really have to get KAKW.

Thank you for bring out the frustration of rotator. We don't have too many people, so, hopefully this will not pose a big problem. But I definitely put more thoughts into it. In my situation, hot having the rotator would not giving up so much, don't you think?

I understand attic antenna has interference (specially mine has radiant barrier - roof decking has aluminum foil to reflect most of TX hot sun rays) but roof-top antenna would take a beating from weather elements, high wind & hails. If I hoist it up 10' above the chimney, my concern is it will attract lighting. Any comments on this?

How can I tell if my coax is RG-6 or not?

Thank you again.
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