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Antenna confusion

I am trying to get away from those pestky cable bills that keep creeping up. Currently, I have installed a Clearstream2 in the attic with 50' cable and able to get 10 channels (2 are intermittant). My goal is to be able to get as many channels, as far and as clear as possible.
Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
1. What antenna should I get? Is the C4 or C5 better? Roof top or attic?
2. Separate VHF, UHF and merge signal?
3. Omni, multi-directional or directional?
3. Motorized antenna with remote control?
4. Amplifier? Which one?
5. Line amp? The farthest TV is 50' away with splitters
6. Some TVs are old analogs, others will be HDTVs. What is the best configuration to connect to the converter box?

The first time I tried to post, I got an error. So, if this is a dupplicate, it's my bad.
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