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The positions of each FCC Commissioner is interesting... Some are quite aware and even sympathetic to those who rely on over the air broadcasts... Some Commissioners are inclined in the opposite direction.

Polite letters, and continued efforts to let people know what is available... Broadcasters need to be able to profit or they won't/can't use the spectrum 'efficiently'. (Don't know that I have a pat answer for that issue.)

My neighbors thought that OTA went away in 2009... till I showed them differently.
What the government is inclined towards is money, money, money, and more of it. That's the only thing they are hearing. We, us that use the free antenna HDTV are simply at their mercy because their decision of how to best use the extra spectrum or airwaves space is based purely on ECONOMICS or money.

I, for one am enjoying all the free ota antenna HDTV that I can while I can while at the same time try to spread the news to let everyone know because it's still a huge secret, especially to those poor folks who are still enslaved by cable ... they have no idea that there is a free option available. The misinformation campaign that Comcast manipulated the public with back in February 2008 was a great success.

Someone eluded (I think it was Scotty) some time ago, that if the free goes away, the cable and other pay-tv companies will be able to continue being mean to their customers and continue to gouge them with high bills. This is one thing I beg to differ on ... most who still pay for it have no idea that they have this free option, not to mention how easy it is to switch to it and get hooked up, optimally. They are raising costs now and are taken full advantage of the nations ignorance. They've been deceived and manipulated from the get-go and aren't ready to hear the truth about free ota HDTV.

The little beach town I live in is now debating Mediacom's contract renewal so I saw the opportunity to give them this timely information. I'd tried before (soon after the 2/2008 transition/switch), but no one could hear me because they were all busy switching to another form of pay-tv in their panic with not hearing the whole truth, what with being manipulated and being informed only about the converter boxes and the coupons. No further information was revealed.

I'm hoping that maybe now, it's time has come for people to see and hear and understand the truth about digital HDTV. People who've been paying for it for so long cannot comprehend what I try to convey. I make it as simple as I can, too. After all the lies have been told, the task at hand now is to undue the damage of all the misinformation by breaking it down as simple as possible.

Like all the chaos surrounding finding the channels first and the equal confusion around choosing an antenna. It's real simple. It's just that those in the pay-tv industry want it to remain secret. I'll bet you can guess why. It means essentially that pay-tv is out and free tv is in - - it's just that they are fighting tooth and nail not to be a thing of the past. If people knew how much of a bargaining chip they had, they'd at least negotiate a lower rate but they aren't in the know. If I felt I couldn't do w/o my precious 500 channels of crap, which most of it I don't even like to watch, I'd be calling them up and telling them that I'm cutting the cord and switching to the free stuff ota. See how fast they want to barter and negotiate and listen to you then. You might experience true customer service for the very first time since you've been paying all these years.

The one town manager says to me, "so where do you get your service?" After I'd already explained to her that it's free just like in the old days. I should probably qualify things here though, in her defense, that tv has never been free here at the beach and if you've only ever paid for it how can she be expected to wrap her head around it?
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