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Thank you for the PM. I do see the trees in a satellite view. Trees block TV signals:
scroll down to Trees and UHF

Originally Posted by kb4
I hadn't considered calling the station engineer but will if not otherwise successful.

There are tall oak trees at 133 degrees magnetic that I definitely cannot go over since it would take about a 100 to 125 foot tower to do this. I can't even put antenna up in one of the trees or nearby pine and expect much improvement since the trees on ridge in that direction are taller tan trees on my land though they are about 100 yds away before they get higher than my trees. It would surely seem like if its not directional now I should be able to receive it. At present I can get it at times but almost never steadily for more than 30 seconds or so.
A report from now shows WYJJ much stronger, but I don't think the software takes into consideration the main lobe of the signal is well above your location, as OTAFAN previously mentioned, making the actual signal at your antenna much weaker. Also, the new TVStudy software used by and the FCC is only accurate to the nearest 0.5 km.

Besides the trees, you are in the shadow of the hill:

The signal would only be LOS if it cleared the hill and the trees on it.

I have tried a separate uhf only outdoor antenna unamplified and amplified and directed toward WYJJ as well as other directions again without reliable reception.
The only thing left to try that I can think of is a very directional UHF antenna, like the 91XG or HDB91X aimed at WYJJ with the hope that you can pick up some signal coming through the trees. It might be necessary to try several locations.

WBBJ, which is almost in the same direction, will be moving to channel 35 during Phase 8:
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