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Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
Actually, to be specific, both have about the same amount of amplification (15-16 dB) but one has only a two-way splitter while the other has a second cascade of two port splitters so as to provide four outputs. The net gain of each is different by about 4 dB due to the extra layer of splitting.

The requirement to use of BOTH a preamp and a distribution amp would be a rather rare occurrence and is usually only required when there are extremely long cable runs both between the pre-amp and the distribution point and again from the distribution point to the final outlet. It just isn't really needed very often.
Thanks for the reply ADTech.

Your reason of using a powered splitter in regard to the long run of cable is 1, why I was considering getting and thus using one. But, then also why before I do anything, I'll be shortening the run of cable from the antenna to the single ground block, 50' where I have like 10' extra. As well as I'll be shortening the cable I used after the splitters, as it was the cable from when I had Dish and the installer left it quite long.

But if I were to add up all the cable, no matter where it is, it's total is over 100'; Which consists of the 50' from the antenna to the single ground block and then about a 3'ft. jumper from the ground block through the wall to the inside and to the power supply for the Winegard LNA-200 and then after the splitter there's at the very least another 50' between the cables going to the two TV's. So, I'm hoping that by the time I get done shortening all the cable, I'll be closer to If not under 75'.

Not sure when I'll get to it as I'm fighting a couple bulging discs and one herniated disc still. But it will be done soon as the weather is a changing.

Thanks again to you guys for replying and offering your expertise.
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