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Hey Rabbit73...Thanks for the reply.

As to which way do the panels on the BB8E face, one panel faces Milwaukee, at 355degrees and the other panel faces Chicago, 165degrees.

As for are there any trees, towards Milwaukee, none that pose an issue. As for thep anel pointing towards Chicago, there is a tree but I do not believe the ends of any of its branches were or are causing any problems. I say this because if they were, I'd lose every channel or lose most of the signal strength for every station. When I lose channel 9-1, 9-2 and 9-3, I still get 7-1, 7-2 and 7-3 as well as 5-1 and 5-2 and a host of others.

On my living room TV, I can view the signal strength from the self diagnosis section in the menu. The strength is shown in bars from 0-10. I also can see the db's. And even though channel status says lock and the signal strength is at any given bar from 0-10, I notice the db's are constantly changing. If I were more tech savvy and had a better camera or cellphone and could do it right in one take, I'd make a small video to show you what I mean/am talking about. But then from what I can tell based on your replies, I don't think I need to as I'm pretty sure you understand.

And again, when I lose 9-1 and it's sub-channels, even though they're the same tower or tower direction as channel 7 (Chicago), I'm still getting 7 and the signal strength is anywhere from 7-10 bars.

And I'll hold off on removing either reflector or having them only face one direction until it's the only thing left to try. Plus, they're riveted on and once removed, I'm pretty sure that voids the lifetime warranty. lol

FWIW, I bought the necessary tool, had the stripper already, to put the proper end on cable and I'm going to shorten the cables in the crawl space the come from the splitter and go to each TV. Don't know if it will help or not. But I figure it definitely can't hurt. lol

As for maybe getting the Channel Master 3412, to clarify, by installing it after the power inserter, by power inserter do you mean the power supply for the Winegard LNA-200? And if so, would it be installed after the power supply and before the 2-way splitter? Or after both the power supply and 2- way splitter? Just a little confused about that part and thought I'd better get clarification. Also, instead of the Channel Master 3412, I was looking at getting this one....

I'll research the two and find the differences, besides price later today or tomorrow.

Oh, and before I forget, living near an airport, and being in the flight path for one of it's 4 runways, if only for a moment, I even get the occasional interference when certain planes/jets come in for a landing or take off even. Certain planes as in the bigger corporate jets like Gulfstream's and up. But that's far more rarer then completely losing channels. Today, even though I once got them in, I lost or didn't get about 8 channels. However none were channel 9-1 and it's sub channels. But then I was watching football and was on 58-1 Milwaukee and switched between 6-1, again, Milwaukee), when it's signal would drop, and I'd switch to 32-1 out of Chicago. Until it's signal dropped and I'd switch back again. Found myself on 6-1 mostly because it was just coming in better. Which means I just might have to get on a ladder on the roof, with the neighbors help again, and tweak the panel facing Chicago? But first I'm shortening the cables. Between the 50' before the power supply and splitter, plus what's after the splitter, the total is most obviously and most definitely over 50' and quite possibly over 75'.

Lastly, to avoid a small novel, lol, I only want to say one last thing. And it's in regard to my saying "Because they turn their broadcasts down". I only say that, and kind of believe it, because greed tends to be the rule anymore these days. And let's be honest. We ALL know they make more money having their contracts with cable and satellite providers and only make money from commercials with OTA signals. I mean, proof of that is in watching 6-1 today. They had an alert from AT-T U-Verse telling viewers who have AT-T U-Verse that they could miss out on football, baseball, Empire and other shows and sporting events because of a contract dispute.

I tell you what, I don't miss that crap. But it tells and says to me that it's all about the almighty dollar. Or, GREED. I mean, do you remember when cable first came out? hat was the big sell? No commercials right? Now, more then ever, it seems that's all there are. Count how many commercials you get with/in OTA broadcast, or cable or satellite even, as well as time how much commercial time there is against how much show time you get in between commercial breaks.

And now I promise, lol, this is really my last comment in this reply/post. THANK YOU FOR REPLYING AND YOUR HELP RABBIT73!!!
Friggin' FCC
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