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Thanks for your tvfool report and your reception report.
Then there are those times, when channels, any time of the day or night, where I completely lose them even though I've had them as mentioned above.....Yet I'll completely loose channel 9 WGN and any others, meaning, besides 9-1, I also lose 9-2 and 9-3, but I still get, with great strength, channel 7..
But then I've also had the reverse. A Milwaukee station that once came in great, as defined above, no longer comes in at all. It's not all day or all night, but long enough to irritate the hell out of me.
Which way is your antenna aimed, both panels for Milwaukee or both panels for Chicago? Or is it one DB8e panel for Milwaukee and one DB8e panel for Chicago?

Your tvfool report is only for zip code. All we know now is that you are in Zion. Please do another report using exact address (which will not show) or exact coordinates (which will be shortened); maybe it will give us a clue about what is going on.

Are there any trees or buildings in the signal paths from Milwaukee or Chicago? Can you post photos that show us what the antenna "sees" in those directions?

Because they turn their broadcasts down
They don't turn their broadcasts down like AM stations at night. They only turn them down if there is transmitter trouble. And they certainly don't turn them down to please the cable companies that are their rivals.
Lastly, can I run another amp or amplified splitter, after the Winegard LNA-200 (that seems to working just fine for me), and after the 2 set splitter I have that has the previously mentioned Winegard amp, in front of it?
Let's hold off on that to see what is going on. If necessary, it would be to replace the passive splitter with an amplified splitter like the Channel Master 3412 after the power inserter.

One possibility would be to remove the reflector screens from the DB8e so that it would be bi-directional with the panels side-by-side aimed in the same direction.
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