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Okay, might not look great but I grounded my tripod, mast and antenna. The cable was and as previously mentioned in another post, already grounded at a single cable grounding block.

And for the most part, everything works great.

However, as I've now had the antenna and everything associated with it up for a full week or so now, I've found that there are many, too many for my liking, times, day and night, when channels, day or night come in great. Meaning, 7-10 strength bars and the db's in the high twenties and low 30's for some even. Then there are those times, when channels, any time of the day or night, where I completely lose them even though I've had them as mentioned above. And it's not raining, windy or anything else. Maybe a little dew on the antenna. But I'd think that would affect all channels if that were the reason?

As an example. In my area, UHF band, I get AND channel 7 and channel 9 WGN. According to the information I have, both those stations are at the same true and magnetic headings. Yet I'll completely loose channel 9 WGN and any others, meaning, besides 9-1, I also lose 9-2 and 9-3, but I still get, with great strength, channel 7. Thanks GOD I went with multi-directional and can get similar if not the same channel and show.

But then I've also had the reverse. A Milwaukee station that once came in great, as defined above, no longer comes in at all. It's not all day or all night, but long enough to irritate the hell out of me.

So, I ask. Do I have an issue? An underlying issue? Or is this normal these days for free OTA digital TV? Because they turn their broadcasts down or off because they prefer betting money from the cable and satellite providers and just want to irritate the hell out of us in the hopes we'll get or go back to that?

Lastly, can I run another amp or amplified splitter, after the Winegard LNA-200 (that seems to working just fine for me), and after the 2 set splitter I have that has the previously mentioned Winegard amp, in front of it?

Again and as always, will and do appreciate any and all help/replies!!!
Friggin' FCC

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