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Thanks for the replies guys. And rabbit73, I'm going to do my best to reply and answer some of what you replied.

First, let me correct myself. As I read your reply to it, I saw it wasn't the best way to describe which direction I aimed the antenna/s.

Anyhow, by common direction, I meant the true and or magnetic heading. And by that I mean, if most of the channels I can get and the broadcast towers are in that same general direction, I went with the most common one. Meaning, if WLS, WGN etc., etc., etc., all had a true heading of 165, and others were 169, which some were, I went with the one that had the most. In this case, towards Chicago it was a/the heading of 165. And because it's close, I'll still get those at 169. They just might not be as strong of a signal. And as for the Milwaukee towers, I used the heading of 355 and again, anything close to that I'll still get those stations. And again, just might not be as strong a signal.

I went back up on the roof today, with the help of a neighbor to hold the ladder which I had to get up on, on the roof, to reach the antenna, I tweaked the direction/heading of each one and after doing so I re-scanned and now have 73 channels on both TV's. Even got WGN and it's 2 other channels.

After looking at your diagram for the proper way to ground my antenna/mast and cable/s, it does appear that I need to run a ground for the mast and tripod. The only issue I have with it is the way I'll have to do it. Why? Because I have an older home and it has blown insulation in the attic and it's a mess and nasty to deal with. That combined with having slatted plaster walls, I couldn't guarantee I'd be able to get it into the crawl space or into a wall to where I could do it how they might or would in a newer home, a cable wall plate. So, like I believe I said previously, I had to run the cable over the gutter. Which means I'd have to do the same thing to ground the mast/tripod. And I'm not sure that's not only not a good idea, but I'm also not sure if it gets seen by the cities building inspector, if it would be a problem or not?

As for going with quad shield, I am in the flight path of a local airport and having two taller houses, one on each side of me as well as one nasty, messy smelly brings around all sorts of critters and birds mulberry tree (not on my property or I'd of cut it down the day after we moved in, lol), in the Chicago direction/side of the antenna, I didn't not want to get it and wish I had because of interference. One of those things where, I'd rather of done it and not need it then not do it and wish I had ya' know. lol Another reason I went with or want to use quad cable is because my home is older and I don't know how well the wiring in it is grounded. Being an older home who knows what previous owner/s did that I don't know about or haven't found yet. :/ Don't know if I can get interference from wiring or not, but again, rather not deal with it either way if quad cable will help.

Side note, the 50ft. from the antenna to the house is a tad long and I had to coil it up. So, first chance I get I'm going to cut it to and replace the end so I don't have 10ft. of it coiled up. And 25ft would have been too short. And there really isn't any place close to me anymore where I could have gone and had the proper length made.

My set-up is DB8E, mast & tripod (obviously), 50' quad cable to a single line ground block (which I will replace, maybe with a gold plated one because I honestly have no clue how long it's been there) then from the single line ground block is about a 3ft. ext. of Dish cable to the Winegard LNA-200 Boost XT power supply then to the gold plated splitter (1 line in 2 lines out) then obviously from there to the two TV's.

FYI...The amp is a few feet below the antenna, so if it went bad I could get to it without a ladder or taking the mast out. Then as I said, after the ground block there's about a 3ft. piece of Dish cable (was already there from when we had Dish, and after/connected that is the power supply for the amp and then the 1 into 2 splitter.

So, in short, yes, your assumption of my hook-up/set-up is correct. But again, I do see I'll have to ground the tripod/mast. Just don't like the way I'll have to do it. That being the same way I had to do the quad cable, over the gutter. I see I'll also have to re-do the ground block with 10ga.. And then too, I'll just use the 10ga. for the tripod/mast/antenna ground. Again, just have to hope there's no code violation in going over the gutter with the quad cable let alone the ground wire.

And FWIW, I've decided I'm not going to bother getting a VHF antenna. I can't see spending any money just to get one channel. A channel that I can and do get out of Milwaukee. That being...CBS

And once again, I apologize for another short story. lol Just like to be thorough and it doesn't make sense to post 6 different times when I can post just once. I also apologize if I repeated anything. Anyhow, if I missed something and or you need more info and or want to know something else, just ask and I'll do my best to answer as soon as I get see the email notifying me that someone posted to the thread.
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