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Question Loose channels when main tv is turned off

Hello I have a few different manufacturers of this antenna, and I must admit I am thrilled with them. They all seem to do just about the same amount of stations (I have them on various family member homes).
McDuory Amplified Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna 150 Miles Long Range - 360 Degree Rotation Remote Control - Tools Free Installation - Support 2 TVs

I just put one on my Moms home in Port Charlotte FL 33953. I have 5 tv's running off of it. The 2nd tv plug I ran back to a splitter that runs 3 tv's. The problem I am having is when I turn the main tv off (the box is still on) I loose CBS channel 11.2. Do you think an amplifier to the splitter will help, when I put one on the main feed it messes everything up. I tried it on the splitter and it does not seem to help, any ideas? thanks in advance 8-)
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