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antenna question

i have an antenna that is made from pvc material is about 4' long and has maybe 50' of cable sticking out of it. i got it for a guy that had the tv station in muskegon wmgk for years bud kelly. he died about a year ago and i never got a chance to ask him how he made it. i installed it with the other antenna i have but at that time it did not seem to get any channels so i took it down and tossed it on the fence.

since that time my girl was in need of some kind of antenna so i grabbed it one day and stuck it up on the gable peak of her house and the thing is getting more channels than the system i have.

so i was thinking of unplugging my antennas and installing one like this one that i just could make by myself but now it is like 40' up on her roof and i do not want to climb up there in the winter and take it down just to take it apart and see how bud made it and then put it back up.

so i'm curious if anyone here has a similar antenna or even happens to know just how bud made them. being he was the operator of that tv station i figure he know just how to make them for ota tv channels in our area.

my guess is it is just a pc. of coax that he striped down and left the inner wire out for a length and stuck it inside the cpvc pipe, but i do not want to just guess at that procedure. so maybe someone here has one or built one or even know how to do it? i then can just disconnect my system and put this up and see just well it works. being it is a single dipole type antenna it is omni directional and that is perfect for me because i have stations all around me and will not have to point it.

thanks for any help
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