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TVbuddy ad

For a site promoting cut the cord, I find the "tvbuddy ad" totally out of place. after reading the 10 minute ad and get to the part about "tvbuddy caster" that was NOT mentioned at all until the very end.
I have enjoyed the freedom that"tvfool" has offered me over the years to get out of needing to pay for something like OTA tv. The help and suggestions I have received has helped my cause greatly, I now have access to 15 OTA channels. These will all cost me nothing to view once I am all set up. The TV Buddy (with free tv viewing) still has a cost associated with it as your internet connection!! I am one of the few?? that does NOT have unlimited bandwidth available to me on my plan option. Or other options either!
Lets keep tvfool as a free OTA site for all to enjoy and reap the benefits of truly free OTA tv viewing.

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