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That's better.

When you mention the CS1, do you mean this type of antenna?

If so, that's not the antenna I'd advise. Your UHF signals are very weak and an indoor antenna won't receive anything. The PBS's it may, as you have found out. If I'd were setting up at your location, I'd put an Antennas Direct DB8e in the air pointed at Magnetic 340 (KHQ).If no KHQ, adjust for both PBS's, KXLY (ABC) on real channel 38 from Kamiak Butte and KLEW (CBS) on real channel 22. Even though the DB8e is a UHF design, VHF signals often "come in" on UHF designs when they are pretty strong, which in this case both are.

KHQ is a longshot, but you may luck out.


Edit: My setup -

I recieve KREM (RF20), KLEW (RF22), KXLY (RF38), KHQ (RF15), KSPS (RF7), KWSU (RF10 and 17), KUID (RF12), KQUP (RF24), KAYU (RF28), KGPX (RF34), KHBA (RF39) AND K43GZ-D (RF43).

Top UHF antenna: Antennas Direct 91xg
Bottom UHF/VHF combo: Antennacraft C490 (used for VHF only)

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Here it is with my exact coordinates:

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