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One thing is certain, the channels on VHF will likely have to petition the FCC to use higher power levels than currently allowed since they seem to have a shorter range (especially on VHF low) than the UHF signals.

I bought up several VHF antennas (2 through 13) over the last few years in anticipation of this. Now it is likely the TV antenna manufacturers will start building some new antennas that can get VHF Low again.

This is my worry .. I am 55 miles out.. However I have a real 5 that is 35 miles away and I can't get it .. my report says 24db to my area and I have a Clearstream 4v with a ChannelMaster 7777 on it.. now given its a Clearstream 4v probably best for VHF 11 and up but I don't get that station and the Real 12 that I do get thats 55 miles away I get like 2bars on my TV while much weaker DB Rated stations to my area that are on Higher UHF channels I do get...

Real 12 to me is 15db in my report and I get 1-2bars

Real 46 is 1.1db to me and I will get 3 to 4 bars

i got that thing amped up real strong heh

anyway i hear with ATSC 3 they can jam more channels on the same bandwidth ..

but I also read that the FCC is asking VHF to actually lower their power output because its going to interfere with emergency and other signals

I am in the philly region Real 6 wpvi tried amping up their signal with special permission from the FCC and still people within the city limits couldn't pick it up...

Just recently i had been in a battle with someone saying VHF will broadcast farther.. i think they are confusing AM vs FM ... but in my experience VHF sucks and my thoughts on it are because the waveform is much longer which means a bigger chance for dropouts while UHF high would be best because its small waveform allows an antenna to catch missed signal on the next wave before the tuner has time to dropout... anyway

its all suck .. they should be doing away with cable and promoting ATSC 3.0 its a great value and good for our communities ...

even now i can pickup 50 stations and probably 40 are watchable english .. and maybe 30 are pretty good content .. I can't complain about that

I am on a budget now .. needing to not just wanting to cut the cord..

in my area its comcast or dish or a big antenna with a big amp or two amps..

my system will actually have 2 preamps and a distribution amp and be fed by a 8bay and my clearstream 4v.. still testing but that seems like what I have to do to get what I can here.
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