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I don't believe the entire UHF TV band is going to be converted to Cell Phone use. From what I read a few years ago, channels above 30 or 31 will be jettisoned for Cell Phone use. Channels 14 to 30 or 31 will be left intact for TV stations.

The smart move for TV stations that get forced out of their channel on UHF is to find one lower on the dial or to move to the VHF band. Since only a few stations broadcast on VHF these days the VHF TV band has a fair amount of space for new channels.

One thing is certain, the channels on VHF will likely have to petition the FCC to use higher power levels than currently allowed since they seem to have a shorter range (especially on VHF low) than the UHF signals.

I bought up several VHF antennas (2 through 13) over the last few years in anticipation of this. Now it is likely the TV antenna manufacturers will start building some new antennas that can get VHF Low again.
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