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Hello Kiasis,

Before we have dialogue about your reception map, what are you goals with reception? Do you want to see Sacramento? What channels are your priority?

While you are answering those questions, be aware that your map has distinct challenges. Sacramento signals are very weak and are further complicated by 2-edge conditions. This essentially means you don't have line of sight to the transmission towers. There is terrain blockage or curvature of the earth issues going on that create a unpredictable behavior in the signals you wish to receive. They are being forced into situations that aren't ideal for them.

My goal isn't to discourage you. Instead, I want you to get a realistic snapshot of what is available via your TVfool map. You will require a premium set up along the lines of an Antenna's Direct DB8 and Antennacraft Y10-7-13 in addition to a signal combiner and then a preamp like a channel master 7777 to have a chance at Sacramento. Even with this set up, some of Sacramento may have drop outs.

Your situation isn't the same as someone 20 miles from the transmitters. You have terrain working against you and very weak signals. Even with an aggressive set up, some may still be unreliable.

It's all about the cost vs. benefit ratio for you...

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