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Originally Posted by eclipsme View Post
I would think the simplest, and possibly best solution would be to mount a horizontal 2x6 to the studs with carriage bolts and bolt the pole supports to that.

As an alternative, and depending on the construction of the building, move the pole foundation away from the wall, in line with the eve and bolt to that.
No eave to speak of, just a few inches overhang. And what looks like boards at the peak of the eave is actually hollow L-shaped plastic trim pieces. I verified this at the gutter. There's wood a few inches behind them, but I'm not sure I want to fiddle around with finding a solid way to mount a bracket through that, one-handed, at the top of a 20-foot ladder. Planning the top bracket just under the triangular vent at the peak where the siding starts, and lose a couple feet maximum antenna height.

As far as mounting boards to the studs, that's what I'm thinking, but with the foam being 3/4" thick, that's as thick as the board could be under the siding, unless you mean over the siding with four thick strong bolts, two per stud, so the board could "float" over the siding without squishing it. If I cut the siding and mount a board thicker than 3/4 directly to the studs, I need to know how to keep water out. Not sure cutting siding is a good idea.

Getting a little pushback from wife that "stuff" on the house will be ugly, but I pointed out it's no different than the solar equipment and conduits already on the wall, or the electric from the street on the other side of the house. Still, want to make it look as "clean" and nice as possible, but sturdy.

I'm not an engineer, so I may tend to "overengineer" or "overthink" things because I don't want my assumption of "good enough" to result in my new antenna lying on the ground in the middle of winter and ripped siding on the house.

Here's an interesting mount I just found while looking for alterative brackets, that looks like could be easily built from angle iron/aluminum, with custom dimensions to hit studs. The geometry appears pretty solid. I might consider something like that before continuing with the pole-to-the-ground approach.
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