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Mounting, side of house, vinyl siding over foam insulation

Anybody have experience with mounting an antenna pole on the side of a house, buried a couple feet deep, bracketed up the wall on vinyl siding over foam insulation over underlying siding (I think mine is cement board?)

Have a Cape style house, metal roof, solar panels on both sides of roof. No room for tripod among the solar panels as far as I can see, and don't want any leaks from penetrating roof.

Old chimney, don't want to mount there and risk strong wind breaking the chimney, also hard to access as surrounded by solar panels.

So pretty much decided on mounting with a pole on the side of the house from ground to the top, but can be convinced of a better way.

Problem is, vinyl siding over 3/4" foam over cement board gives nothing solid to connect the brackets to. If the pole is to the ground and buried a couple feet deep, the brackets shouldn't need to support vertical weight, but I worry about wind ripping off the brackets sideways.

Are there any wall brackets that are 16' wide that could span two studs? Failing that, any way to mount a board across two studs and anchor brackets to that? Ways to stabilize the board with the foam underneath, or does some foam have to come out and have the crossboard against the studs? Then there's water leaks and expansion/contraction of the siding.

I've googled this and found many people asking about the same thing (vinyl, foam, clapboard, etc.) but no good solutions, just mentions of the leaking/expansion/contraction issues I mentioned. But there's got to be a way.
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