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Reception Help in Upstate NY

So I started off with an Antop flat panel antenna about 1.5 yrs ago:

It was positioned on the house by the eves and was approx 14' off the ground. Reception was pretty good, but I wanted more. The channels to the south were coming in very good, and often times I could pick up Utica which is a little more than an hour away.

A couple of months ago I upgraded to a ClearStream Max, raised the antenna to 20+' off the ground (still a few feet short of clearing the ridge line. I set the antenna to approx 140' and it's okay however I'm missing some of the channels that I really want -All Syracuse stations and the stations from the tower that's about 5 miles away. Actually the Antop antenna did a better job of getting more channels (38) vs ClearStream Max at mid to upper 20's. Both are plagued with the same issue.

**The problem that I have is getting the stations that are only a few miles from the house facing the opposite way of the antenna. The antenna is slightly below the ridge line of the house, there is another house and some trees between me and the tower - we sit on a hill so after that house and tree there is nothing else in the way. If I position it to 180' I'll get all of the Syracuse stations, at approx 140ish I'll get the channels from the tower that's about 5 miles away with some pixelations but loose some Syracuse channels. If I turn the antenna a little more to towards the tower the pixelations go away, however I loose another Syracuse station. Some TVs do a better job of getting signals than others.

The questions that I have are:

How can I get all Syracuse channels and the channels from the tower near me.

No pixelated images.

TV Fool:

5 TVs total (At most, 3 in use @ once)
Cable pretty much all new this year with the least amount of runs to any of them. (1 should be replaced as it is >25 yrs old, and the antenna in line can be trimmed to size once I have the finial position).
1 BAMF 6-Way Coax Cable Splitter Bi-Directional MoCA 5-2300MHz

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