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Hi, bobsgarage! Thanks to you and Rabbit73 for the signal profile without a reflector. That is an extremely interesting idea!

Over the weekend, I contacted a local amateur radio club to get their thoughts about a possible rotator installation. The club leader replied he would tap into his network and come back with ideas on that front.

In the meantime, I have been having a wonderful evening of DXing tonight with signals coming from South Bend, Indiana (102 miles). Tonight I logged WNDU (16.1/RF42), WSBT (22.1/RF22), WSJV (28.1/RF28) and WHME (46.1/RF48). All stations except WSJV were received with 100% signal quality for approximately two hours; WSJV was moderately pixelated. There must be some unusual tropospheric propagation tonight.

I also noticed some signals on high-VHF channels 7, 8 and 11. All three stations are somewhere outside the Chicago market, but I could not quite decode them. I am assuming RF8 might be WMVS from Milwaukee, but that would be odd because my antenna is on a 111-degree heading, and Milwaukee is at 8 degrees! A rotator sure would be helpful.

Now that I'm getting my feet wet with rooftop reception, it's exciting to see the possibilities.
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