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Originally Posted by ChicagoNW View Post
This afternoon my CM-4228HD graduated to the rooftop!

When we completed the channel scan, we were surprised to see WSBT (RF22) from South Bend, Indiana (more than 100 miles). This is a full-power station on virtual channel 22. Since I also have a local low-power virtual 22, my LG OLED successfully intermingled the South Bend and Chicago channels in my guide.

From my location, Chicago and Rockford are almost 180 degrees apart; thus, Rockford is on the back side of my eight-bay antenna. While WTVO and WQRF appeared at ground level facing Rockford, there was no signal at roof level facing Chicago. In contrast, WREX (high-VHF 13) now bounces up and down in strength, as if it's on the threshold of coming in, even though there was no signal on the ground. I have a feeling I should be able to capture all three stations with a rotor.

WAOE's new signal map shows a tower located so far northeast that Peoria--its city of license--is on the southwest outer fringe, while the northeast fringe will reach suburban Chicago!

I talked to my installer about coming back for a future rotor mounting. That way I can point all directions . . . although there's a risk I'll end up wanting to try even more antennas!
Hey, great news!

Since Rockford and Chicago are 180 Degrees apart, you could remove the reflector on your 4228 and really get both cities. Credit and Thanks to Rabbit73:

Just an idea.

It's worth a try!
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