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If you use the 7777amp your closest tower's receiving them frum the back side of your antennas and you will never see over load you see I have used all3,ANTENNA 's
With the channel master amp with the 91stacked and not stacked I received 69.1 frum springfield 01129 198 Hanson drv antenna 100ft hi 32db out of the channel master amp 80miles away day or night with no dropouts no problem with over load silley I even
tried to make over load happen and never happen so then I got my hands on a Johansson amp kits uhf 45db,and still no over load happen like I said use the back side of your antennas and by higain rotor $300dollars,is all you need .
Or maybe use too HDB91 buy SOLiD single one 10ft pole position them in a v pattern the one that you point at the faraway TOWER'S with a channel master 7777amp and the 2nd one for the in town TOWER'S and no need for a Rotor.
3ft apart on the HDB91.Or the ANTENNA Direct 91xg.

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