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Rabbit73, I appreciate your advice. I consider myself lucky to be getting all the local channels I want with an indoor, ground floor antenna some 30 miles from downtown Chicago.

Back in the analog days, I used to have a roof-mounted antenna with a rotor. I was able to regularly receive some Milwaukee and Rockford stations, but I realize digital signal propagation is quite different. So it’s helpful to set reasonable expectations.

I did some further research, and it seems the CM-4228HD eight-bay antenna is supposedly optimized for UHF below RF40, which might be good for post-repack when the TV spectrum will top out at RF36. But would a rectangular eight-bay be compatible with a rotor?

Since I was a kid, I’ve always been interested in pulling in long-distance signals (DXing). From Chicago, I have logged low-VHF stations as far away as Miami, Corpus Christi, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick with a “normal” rooftop antenna and rotor. That’s one of the reasons I was thinking about an all-channel model like CM-5020, but if I understand what you’re saying, perhaps the strong locals would be a deterrent.

Anyway, I’m glad to have found this thread so I can learn from those who are more experienced. I will be happy to cut the cord when my contract runs out, because I love the OTA results I’m getting so far!
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