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Question Longer-Distance Advice?

I am delighted to join this site, and this is my first post!

Following is my reception report:

Currently I am using a ClearStream 2MAX antenna with its optional reflector. Since it’s a brutal winter, I am currently using my new antenna INDOORS on the ground floor near my primary receiver. With this setup, I amazingly found a “sweet spot” where I can receive all “green” stations down through RF20, with the exception of RF12 (high-VHF) and RF24 (low-power). This suits me fine, as WBBM has a repeater on RF32 (virtual 48.3), which gives me CBS.

When the weather is nicer, I would like to install a higher-gain antenna that might give me the chance of picking up Rockford and Milwaukee. Ideally, I would prefer a single UHF/VHF antenna.

Would appreciate suggestions! After extensive research, I am torn weighing the tradeoffs of antenna size, directionality and durability for harsh winter weather. Some candidates, based on my research, might be CM-5020, CM-4228HD or Antennas Direct XG91. I realize the latter two are optimized for UHF, so VHF reception would only be a “bonus,” if possible. Open to thoughts about these and other options that might allow me to pick up adjacent markets.

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