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2 Channels

Most of the tuner boxes have a switch to select between channel 3 or 4 for the boxes output, so you could put one box on 3 and another on 4 and combine the signals with a splitter/combiner into one coax to the TV.

The boxes I use have RCA out as well and their remote "input" button cycles through channel 3 ,4, RCA 1 and RCA 2 on my TV.

This gives me room for 3 separate antennas/tuners selectable from the remote (my dvd uses one set of the TVs RCA inputs)

I went to this partly because even an A/B switch before the tuner kills my weakest signals.

Even leaving off the RCA for the oldest TVs One could combine 4 antennas with 4 tuner boxes, 2 combiners, and one A/B switch just before the TV.
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