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Welcome to the forum, 5Js:

What you want isn't going to be easy because your channels are in different directions, the signal loss in the attic is unknown, and some are 2Edge because of the rough terrain between the transmitter and your location. The best that I can figure is two VHF-High/UHF antennas, one aimed at 215 degrees magnetic and a second at 114 degrees magnetic.

I doubt that "aiming in between" will be good enough.

They are not easily combined without special custom filters, so you will need to use an A/B switch to choose which antenna is needed. Hopefully, your TV can add a channel after scan like a Sony, or you will need to rescan after every change of direction. An alternative would be to have a separate tuner for the second antenna and feed its output to the TV A/V input. The first antenna would go to the TV antenna input.

I suggest that you first buy one antenna and try it in your attic for both directions to see what is possible.

The antenna to consider would be the Winegard HD7694P. The 7697 would give a little more gain but might be too big for the attic.

I don't think you wiil need a preamp for antenna number 1, but you might need one for antenna number 2 if the attic signal loss is excessive. Preamps to consider are the Antennas Direct Juice, Channel Master 7778, and RCA TVPRAMP1R. The RCA is the least expensive but its quality control isn't great.
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