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I've recently been finding conflicting information regarding which channels are still analogue, which have switched to digital, and which have gone off-the-air. Another tool I often use in conjunction with TV Fool, RECnet's FCCdata, has "Allotment" as the "status" for many low-power stations, especially community-oriented ones. However, yet another channel list for British Columbia from a company called Global-CM ( lists quite a few stations/translators that aren't currently listed on TV Fool OR FCCdata, so I'm not really sure what the current state of things are.

What I do know, at least based on the sources I've found, is that ALL analogue television in Canada will be permanently off-the-air as of 2022 (Wikipedia statistic). Meanwhile, some community broadcasters are upgrading to digital while others seem to be remaining in analogue at least for the time being.

The official database - at least the one that seems to be official, is here: (scroll down to bottom of page for channel list table). Be aware, though, that it does seem to be a bit... old (as in "2015" old).

Hope this helps.
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