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Antenna needed for Ronkonkoma, NY (Suffolk County)

Cablevision raised my rates and I can't get FiOS TV (Internet and phone only) in my area. I finally took a stand and cut the (TV) cord. Hulu works great, but having a live HD feed is something I want.

It looks like in order to get NBC, I'm going to need an outdoor on-the-roof antenna. I don't mind spending for top quality since it's a one time sunk cost. I'm wondering if I'll need a rotator. All the channels I care about receiving (NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, PBS, CW, My9) are probably transmitting from the Empire State Building. I do worry that one day some of these stations will move to the freedom tower and require reorientation of the antenna. BTW, what's the reason why NBC is so much weaker compared to CBS, for example? They're both UHF. Also, something is changing with the Fox network when switching to the "pending" option. It looks like the signal strength is going to be improving in the future.

I don't want to do the install myself. I'd like to hire someone. If anyone does this in my area, please reply. I can't attach the antenna to my chimney. Is that going to be an issue? I'm assuming I'm going to need a Hi-VHF and UHF antenna. How big is it?
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