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Reception - Toronto

here's my graph for my reception:

I just install a ClearStream2™ Complete Long-Range VHF/UHF Digital TV (DTV) Antenna at the roof top balcony. I follow the direction of the graph and point to 168 degree.

I am having issue getting FOX. I can get Fox if I place only at a certain place but if I move it just a little bit the signal will be lost. Would it be fixed if I get an pre-amp, like Channel Master 7778?

Also, I can get ABC and CBS if I place at a totally different location on the balcony and that location is different than where I can get FOX. I don't understand why. From the graph, I should be able to get those 3 channels.

I already cancel my cable, but I would like to get ABC, CBS, FOX and possibly NBC. I know NBC will be difficult because it says so in the graph. But if I get ABC, CBS and FOX, I will be very happy.

Any advice to place the antenna, or should I purchase pre-amp, or my antenna is not good enough?

Any advice will be appreciate.

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